An age-old tradition with a contemporary face
Specialization, craftsmanship, flexibility, creativity, innovation in linen decoration fabrics : those are the values that the Belgian linen weaver Deltracon and its sister company, professionals in the creation and production of high quality trimmings, Flanders’ Trimmings, hold dear. As a family business Deltracon continuously strives to build and maintain a personal relationship with every customer in order to guarantee creative results of the highest quality. Every product, a perfect fit for the customer’s needs, desires and taste. With admirable passion Deltracon defies the always changing and, increasingly exigent, textile industry. With the motto “Only he who is different, really makes the difference”, Deltracon tries to enrich today’s textile industry with its recognizable, personal signature.

Pharmaceutical?! Textile industry!
Rudy and Kathleen Delchambre often refer to themselves as pharmacists. Just like the best pharmacist brews his healthy substances for his patient, Deltracon creates and develops with a lot of flexibility the unique fabrics for its demanding customers. The strong communication with the customer and the interplay of information lie at the base of the creative fertilization that leads to the creation of Deltracon’s luxurious linen products. Deltracon’s flexible service makes sure that the company is and has been for over two decades, one of the leading labels in its industry. A guarantee for excellence and luxury in the linen interior textile and trimming industry.

A brave vision on the future
In, mostly for the Western world, increasingly difficult circumstances, Deltracon accepts the challenge of facing a new world with new consumer desires and needs. In the light of this philosophy Deltracon values an ecological and honest production and strives to preserve the cultural heritage of which the linen industry is a living example. The flax fibres, meticulously chosen by Deltracon, are always of European origin and certified by Club Masters of Linen, the European linen promotion organisation to which Deltracon is connected. The weaving, fabrication and finishing of the linen fabrics and trimmings only take place in Belgium or other European countries with a great tradition and know-how in their field of specialization. In the context of a world with a growing awareness and the search for environmentally friendly production and consumption solutions, Deltracon continually researches the use, and possible re-use, of the most various materials. With linen, a completely natural and ecological product, as the base ingredient for its every collection, Deltracon has been producing ecological products for over twentyfive years now. In this simple, but honest way, Deltracon is a trendsetter in respecting the eco- and bio-standards that are gaining value and becoming increasingly important today.

Club Masters of Linen
CLUB MOL DLT This European linen label guarantees the origin of West-European flax of the highest quality. The organisation overlooks a correct production and processing of the European linen and offers the linen producers connected to the label protection, support and promotion. Together the companies and the organisation build on a bright future based on a successful past.
Club Masters of Linen  

Belgian Linen guarantee
logoBLzwart Deltracon’s products are always guaranteed with the Belgian Linen label, a quality label that promotes Belgian linen. The Belgian Linen guarantee ensures a high quality product produced with the typical and precious Belgian know-how. The Belgian Linen label strives, together with its partners, to maintain and reinforce the good reputation of the Belgian linen industry, based on years of experience, knowledge, local expertise and traditional craftsmanship.

Belgian Linen

Flanders’ Trimmings
Every high quality interior deserves a high quality accessory. That’s what Flanders’ Trimmings, Deltracon’s sister company, ensures since a few years and that’s only the beginning… After a strong collaboration for over fifteen years Deltracon decided to dive into the wonderful world of trimmings itself. In 2009 it took over the business of its partner, specialist in the production of trimmings and named it: “Flanders’ Trimmings”. Today Flanders’ Trimmings continues to apply the unique know-how passed on for generations for the production of its ever creative collections.

Flanders’ Trimmings designs and produces trimmings – fringes, ribbons, cords, braids – tiebacks and tassels for decorative applications. The exclusive and innovative accessories of the Flanders’ Trimmings collections are more than merely an added value to Deltracon’s linen fabrics. They offer the client a complete and stylish decoration proposal and are a creative touch to even the most classic of interiors.

The perfect combination
For the design and production of trimmings the same materials and colour cards are used as for the linen fabrics that roll out of Deltracons looms. The dedication to the production process ensures that the combination of Deltracon’s linen fabrics and Flanders’ Trimmings’ collections blend into the most sophisticated whole. The production of trimmings in linen is not easy. The flax yarn is more rigid than other yarns. The production requires specific know-how and dedication, but the result is precious: exclusive and luxurious linen trimmings. Unique in its kind.

Crafted with passion
The production of trimmings is not childsplay, but a craft that requires a lot of experience and a great deal of craftsmanship. The traditional production processes that lie at the base of each product are slowly becoming an endangered species nowadays. The handicraft, the specific machinery and the know-how necessary for the production of trimmings could be considered a true art. A craft unique in Belgium. Flanders’ Trimmings possess 85 trimming machines, an assortment of specific and tradtional equipment. Every single machine could be considered a museum piece. The extraordinary little machines are reminiscences of age-old handicraft and a complete dedication to a profession. Two values Deltracon and Flanders’ Trimmings are proud of.

Handmade industry
Flanders’ Trimmings is a semi-industrial company. The mechanical labour for the production of the trimmings takes place in the company, the assembly, on the other hand, is done by homeworkers. This means that every fringe, every ribbon and every tieback is a labor-intensive product preceded by a thorough design and development process. The soft hands of the homeworkers make sure every piece is unique and manufactured with the best of care.

Exotical classic
The production methods might carry on age-old tradtitions, but the trimmings look everything but old. At Flanders’ Trimmings they are masters in thinking outside the box. Classic trimmings are revised and new element such as Swarovski stones, wooden elements and different kinds of exotic feathers are added. These innovative details ensure that even the most classic piece receives a completely new look. Also in the Flanders’ Trimmings collections Deltracon’s signature is clearly visible, daring to play with colours and new influences is of great importance at Flanders’ Trimmings as well.

Synonomous of warmth and personality
Flanders’ Trimmings is the living proof that age-old tradition and handicraft can go hand in hand with a strong stylistic and innovative influence. Trimmings are age-old products, but keep on adapting themselves to the spirit of their time. Old and new styles blend together into a whole that keeps on surprising. Trimmings may appear superfluous, but their presence is synonomous to warmth and personality. A detail that distinguishes itself from the ordinary and that no one forgets to notice.