Once upon a time…
Ever since 1990, when Rudy Delchambre saw his first linen fabric roll out of the loom, he has been striving, together with his wife Kathleen, to materialize their vision and dream of the highest quality embodied in a classic, but always contemporary product : linen interior textiles and accessories.

In these 25 years Deltracon has grown from a one-man business into a continually blooming family owned company with about thirty staff members today. The core business of its varied product portfolio is linen fabrics for curtains, sheers and upholstery and is enriched with the in-house production of trimmings and tiebacks. Today Deltracon is one of the leading linen weavers in its high-end niche. It sells in about fifty markets worldwide. The most important markets are Europe and the United States. With an ambitious eye and an open mind towards the future the company aims to appeal to and conquer new, emerging markets.

Deltracon works closely together with textile editors to develop exclusive fabrics, made to measure. It has an in-house team of 3 designers and is still a family owned company.

“Linen fabric is like a breath of fresh air. Linen is the fibre of our life and our dreams.” – Rudy Delchambre

“Linen is simplicity, sobriety, the search for something more profound, something that goes beyond, loving details.” – Kathleen Delchambre

“The future is pushing boundaries, it’s accepting the challenge to dare to innovate, to long for more, for a more beautiful product.” – Kathleen Delchambre

“Flax. You, pure and original. Calm, rough, but fragile. Smelling like a silently rocking landscape. You, flathering, endearing, shiny and soft.” – Carmen Van Wassenhove – Designer

“The pleasure of revealing the beauty of linen through every new design, each time in a different, innovative way. The alliance of creativity, craftsmanship and experience to archieve excellence and offer authentic and subtle luxury to all linen-lovers.” – Julie Schöller – Designer

“Trying linen is adopting it!” – Julie Schöller – Designer